IPC-2581 B1 is in official review process

The IPC-2581 Revision B was passed in fall of 2014. During the adoption of revision B, members identified a few areas that needed additional clarification to avoid multiple iterations of the same element(s). The IPC-2581 consortium’s technical team identified the areas that can potentially be mis-interpreted and came up with an update to revision B and is being called revision B1.

The IPC-2581 rev B1 has just entered its second official review phase following the IPC standards revision policies. Providing there are no major issues found, the next step is to approve the 2581 B1 version by official ballot.

Revision B1 updates include.

  • More material description types used in the creation of printed wiring boards
  • More robust function table, where specific data is targeted to different processes
  • Clarification of schema details were also introduced to better describe data sets and reduce interpretation differences 
  • The function table was also overhauled to improve data requirements for specific steps in the fabrication process that will in turn reduce data clutter and protect company intellectual property.

Research is under way to expand 2581 to include external references, processes for augmentation of data provided by fabrication, assembly, test, and field support. Validation tools are also a general focus to ensure tool providers are following proper protocol which will fall into a certification process. Support for various design technologies such as Rigid-Flex, packaging, and 3D descriptions are also on the table for inclusion into the next revision of IPC-2581.