IPC is pleased and excited to be a part of the IPC-2581 Consortia activity. We support the cooperation of CAD and CAM companies with OEMs and EMS companies with one common goal in mind - One Data Transfer Standard for All! This is a very important leap forward which will benefit the entire industry on a global basis.  The ability to exchange information between design, fabrication, assembly and testing facilities is the ultimate goal of the IPC-2581 Consortia. The neutral format will allow for archiving important historical information for design and managing parameters.  The format will be applicable to many different market segments such as military, aerospace, medical, telecom, industrial, computer and consumer.  The Consortia is very interested in taking a continuous improvement approach to reaching the final version of the standard. IPC staff is dedicated to keeping the format updated as technology changes.

IPC-2581 has its roots in many years of successful data transfer activity, where each effort built on the previous industry needs and explored ways to simplify the complexity of our electronic products. The present IPC-2581 builds on the best of the GenCAM format (IPC-2511) and the ODB++ structure and is thus the best of both worlds.

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